The City of San Clemente is in process of installing flashing yellow left-turn arrow (FYA) signals which will allow permissive left turns in addition to

protected left turns. New FYA traffic signal heads are being implemented at 11 intersections as part of a traffic signal equipment upgrade project. An upcoming traffic signal/communications systems project will implement new FYA traffic signal heads at an additional 2 intersections. The FYA signal configuration improves traffic flow and reduces wait times at theses locations for drivers making left turns, as compared to protected-only operations.
For vehicles turning left, the FYA signal configuration operates similarly to the traditional protected/permissive signal arrangement which are used at several intersections within the City (see below). The FYA signal is the current method for addressing protected/permissive left turns as described in both the State of California and Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the standard for signs,

Where will you see the new FYA signals?

signals, pavements markings, etc. in the United States.
Funding for the projects are a mix between City General Funds and OCTA grants, and were planned as a part of the City’s Capital Investment Program budget.